APRIL 2016

The theme for this month was "indoor" photography focused on manmade items with mixed media editing and assembly (i.e. laptop & iPhone apps).

The challenge was to force myself to look at my immediate surroundings, things that I may have seen hundreds if not thousands of times, explore and photograph a new and different item/structure everyday, and really push my abilities to see form, texture and color. 

The unforeseen problems were primarily how boring and flat our world has really become. I was anticipating lots of new geometrical patterns and textures, but more often than not found myself really searching for suitable items. Many times I ended up finding things right where I left them as the saying goes, in that I would often use such mundane "everyday" objects, just viewed in a different light. You wouldn't know it from the final results, but some of these are just doorknobs, hairdryers, dumpsters, paint cans, venetian blinds, an old coffee pot (I have since gotten a new coffee pot after realizing how fucking gross it actually was..) and even the hair conditioner in my shower.    

On the bright side though, I have a "new" appreciation for "old" things. This month made me realize how much design is overlooked in our everyday lives, and I've rediscovered an appreciation for industrial design, package design as well as architecture.