Around The Industry

Just prior to graduating I was chosen to help lead teams of students during the annual session of “Studio Broadcasting”, a class designed to mimic a live studio broadcast. Students were divided into separate teams, each team being responsible for a different arm of the production including producing/scheduling, set design, lighting, video/switching, graphics, and editing/finishing. Each team would also produce their own interview segment, all under the collective banner of “Around The Industry.” Finished segments were shown throughout campus during school hours, and utilized by the admissions department as a recruitment tool.

As graphics team lead I produced and directed our show opening. The final show opening ended up getting condensed down to a thirty second version and further split into separate intro and credit segments to allow for more emphasis on the contained interview segments.

Below is the "director's cut" if you will, which was selected by faculty and industry judges as a feature in our 14th annual ARTimation showcase.

Producer, Creative Direction- Erich Randall
Camera Operators- Devin Lee Hayes, Daniel Haynes, Matt Million
Animation- Daniel Haynes


Logo Designs- Erich Randall


ABOVE: Early logo development. The show was originally set to be "ASK THE INDUSTRY", the change to "AROUND" was my solution to the hangup of how to sign off on each segment in a consistent manner, while still keeping the "AI" moniker.


BELOW: Having worked together previously, my graphics squad were all in on my pitch for the intro, but convincing our producers and crew required some selling as to how and why I was planning a live action shoot. I put together some style boards that quickly evolved into a working storyboard, invaluably helpful during our two night shoot.  

Storyboards- Erich Randall




Ai Schaumburg’s annual Studio Broadcast class brought together digital film and visual effects students to produce bi-weekly live "broadcasts" of interviews with a wide variety designers, artists, actors, and engineers. I got a chance to not only step away from producing and technical directing and put my mug on the other side of the camera for a change as I was joined by up and coming SFX artist Brian Zurek. Brian was able to talk about how he got into make-up, different styles of SFX work, using makeup to highlight a story- all while ripping a model's face to shreds.  

See more of Brian's stellar work