In November 2015, one of the most internationally renowned design and technology conferences came to Chicago.

I was honored to help them not only produce, but document and celebrate the event by assembling a team to produce the show reel for the inaugural event. 


FITC hit Chicago November 2-3, 2015 with FORM, a new event intent on exploring creation with a celebration of the best in design, web, photography, media and craft in creative tech.

Thanks to everyone who made FORM possible, especially our talented speakers Stefan Sagmeister, Nicholas Felton, Irene Pereyra, Anton Repponen, Jared Ficklin, Chuck Anderson, Jason White, Michael Muller, Mark Rigley, Rama Allen, GMUNK, Zachary Lieberman, Erin Sarofsky, Tanner Woodford, CJ Gammon, David Allen, Kim Alpert, Anthony Vitagliano, Carlos Segura, Dustin Wish and Gary Baseman.

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Direction + Editing: Erich Randall

Video Services: Chicago AMP

Camera Operator + Assistant Editor: Joe Woolford

Camera Operator: Selicia Applegate

Audio Editing + Sound Design: Anthony Swigon

Music: "Flying Up" by Leon Felekyan

Drone Services Provided By: Jason Heidelmeier


As often happens, I was wearing multiple hats on this project.. While the crew was on assignment throughout the conference, I was also assisting capturing and editing content on the fly for social media (Twitter/Instagram). It was a hectic few days for sure, filled with a balancing act of running, shooting, editing, writing, responding, studying, planning and of course having some fun here and there as well. Below are some of my favorite shots from the conference.

I highly recommend attending any and all FITC events if they ever come to a city or continent near you.

In the meantime, consider following them on Twitter and Instagram (@FITC)