It's all downhill from here..

This is the month that started it all for me. 

I'd been aware of "The INKtober" project for several years, but there was always something that seemed to get in the way. 

The challenge was to create a new piece of art, from scratch, everyday during the month of October using black and white ink. 

The unforeseen challenges were the usual suspects when working on physical pieces- finding appropriate references, carting around a box of supplies everywhere I went, not to mention simply finding the time. As soon as I started this project, it was as if the universe decided to throw every hurdle it could to keep me from it. 

The benefits were immediate. I saw my technical proficiencies working with traditional media grow, and my confidence start to improve. It propelled me into getting more comfortable with the act of sharing my work online, especially with utilizing online social media tools. 

And now that I had 31 days in a row- I felt pretty stupid not trying to go for 32. And 33.

And 34.

And 35...