MARCH 2016

The theme for this month was "outdoor" photography with mixed media editing and assembly (i.e. laptop & iPhone apps).

The challenge was to force myself to get outside, explore and photograph a new and different area everyday, and get better acquainted with photographic capture methods. 

The unforeseen problems were primarily environmental (Who knew, right?), insomuch that the schizo Chicago weather would regularly and severely impact my access to most locations let alone actually shoot, leading me to have to cautiously and meticulously juggle my schedule to ever changing lighting and climate conditions.  

Also- tick bites. For real. And that is one Google image search I do not recommend at all.

On the bright side though, I exercised a lot of patience and planning and started to pay much more critical attention to my surroundings. I made the jump into using much more adept photography apps (I'm not in DSLR territory yet. YET..) and also began utilizing some pretty handy "entry level" add-on lenses for my iPhone (6 Plus). I also started developing a workflow that gives me much finer control of color and light information.  

If you are an artist/designer in need of "natural" textures, all of the original photographs shot from this month- several hundred in fact- are freely available here.
Fair warning though, it is nearly a 2GB download.