The theme for this month was "fuck".

It started out as a joke as going into the month, I was still debating between a couple of ideas, but from the beginning I knew I wanted to play around with type as the core idea. I'm always a little mistrusting of people that parade "feel good" quotes all the time, so maybe these are a little snarky, but at least they're honest.

The challenge was to force myself build a design around a common phrase, while casually dropping an "f bomb". Adobe Illustrator was used to generate the base imagery, and several iPhone apps- especially Glitché- were utilized in providing blurs and allowing controlled editing of individual color channels.  

The unforeseen problems were losing followers as well as energy (luckily it was a short month). By the end, I felt like the joke had run it's course, and I was excited to break new ground on the next month's challenge.

On the bright side though, David Carson liked the work, so I had that going for me..