Around The Industry

Extended opening for the summer 2014 session of Studio Broadcast. The class produced a variety of interview styled live shows titled "Around The Industry" The opening ended up getting condensed down to a thirty second version and further split into a separate intro and outro in able to allow us to put more emphasis on the show itself. This is the "director's cut" as it was originally envisioned.

Producer, Creative Director- Erich Randall
Camera Operators- Devin Hayes Daniel Haynes Matt Million
"Bug: Motion Graphic- Daniel Haynes
Logo Design- Erich Randall


The summer 2014 Studio Broadcast class which consisted of digital film and visual effects students was assigned to produce weekly live "broadcasts" of interviews with a wide variety designers, artists, actors, and engineers. I got a chance to not only step away from producing and technical directing and put my mug on the other side of the camera for a change as I was joined by up and coming SFX artist Brian Zurek. Truth be told Brian and I go back a long time before either of us jumped into the deep end of our creative fields, and Brian was able to talk about how he got into make-up, introduce us to some different styles of sfx work, putting stories in the makeup- all while ripping a model's face to shreds.

See more of Brian's stellar work here.